Regular management accounts will help you make informed decisions about your business, as you’ll be armed with the latest financial information about how your company is performing. We believe it’s vital for your business to receive this information on a monthly or quarterly basis, because if you rely on year-end accounts alone you may miss important opportunities or not realise that a problem is developing.

Management accounts also enable you to:
• Fulfil contractual obligations for a business overdraft or loan
• Identify cash flow trends, leading to more accurate budgeting
and forecasting
• Quickly understand your profit and loss position, so you can make any necessary changes sooner rather than later.

Our management accounts service normally covers: Profit and Loss Statements, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Forecasts and Debtor and Creditor listings. However, we will tailor our services to meet the exact needs of your business – please contact us for more details.


We offer both manual and computerised bookkeeping services that can be tailored to suit your business size and its needs. Our experienced staff will keep your books accurate and up to date, giving you valuable extra time to spend on your business. We’re happy to collect and deliver your paperwork and can even store it for you at our secure offices.

A typical bookkeeping service might include, but is not limited to:
• Data entry for sales, purchases and nominal ledgers
• Bank transaction posting and reconciliation
• Client invoicing and credit control
• Tailored reports that you need to run the business, e.g. debtors and creditors
• Profit and loss statements and balance sheets
• Completing and submitting VAT returns.

Our bookkeeping service is highly flexible and we can work on your books weekly, monthly or quarterly to suit you, as well as providing short-term assistance to cover absences in your own staffing.


VAT is probably the most complex and misunderstood of all taxes. Most businesses receive a visit from the VAT inspector at some point, and you could face severe penalties if your returns are found to be inaccurate. For these reasons, it makes sense to let an expert deal with your VAT affairs. Our specialist team is always up to date with the latest changes to VAT legislation and will make sure that you don’t pay any more VAT than you need to. We’ll also take care of all the paperwork, submit your returns and deal with HMRC correspondence.


We can:
• Help your business register or de-register for VAT
• Identify the best and most cost-effective VAT scheme for your business
• Provide advice on VAT implications for specific transactions and circumstances
• Be on hand before, during and after a VAT inspection to ensure your affairs are in order, answer any questions that HMRC may have and complete any correctional returns that may be necessary.


If you’re starting a new business, talk to Net Accountancy first. We’ll provide all the help and advice you need to get your new venture off the ground successfully. By making sure everything is set up correctly from the very beginning you’ll save time, trouble and expense later on.


We can:
• Identify the most appropriate and tax-efficient structure
• For limited companies, ensure that your business is registered correctly with Companies House
• Register your business with HMRC for the appropriate taxes – income tax, corporation tax, PAYE/NI and so on
• Help you create a business plan
• Advise you on effective budgeting, forecasting and cash flow management
• Arrange for expert tax and financial advice.

But it doesn’t end there. We’ll be on hand throughout the life of your business to provide ongoing advice, support and, of course, our comprehensive range of accountancy services.


All limited companies must submit statutory year end accounts to Companies House to fulfil their reporting obligations. Your year-end accounts will also form the basis of your personal and corporation tax returns, so they must be complete and accurate. You can trust Net Accountancy’s expert team to produce a comprehensive set of accounts which clearly set out how your business is performing. We’ll then help you use the information to assess your future prospects and plan for the year ahead. What’s more, we’ll submit your accounts to Companies House in good time, and deal with all related correspondence and enquiries.

We can analyse your company’s tax position to find ways to legitimately reduce your liability.


Let us help by:
• Identifying the most tax efficient structures for your business
• Reducing your tax liability on income whilst maximizing relief on purchases and asset acquisitions
• Helping you identify and take advantage of all available tax breaks.
• Identifying potential “missed” allowances from previous years
• Providing innovative ideas on tax planning


We’ll also deal with HMRC on your behalf, completing and submitting your CT600 returns on time and taking care of any enquiries and correspondence promptly and efficiently. Plus, we’re always on hand to answer your tax questions and provide advice on HMRC requirements and deadlines.


By letting us handle your corporation tax affairs, you’ll save a great deal of time and stress as well as avoiding penalties for missing, late or inaccurate returns.


Make life simpler by handing your self-assessment tax return over to us. You’ll not only save yourself time and hassle but you can also rest assured that your returns will be accurate. We’ll keep you up to date with the latest changes in HMRC regulations so you don’t have to, making sure your business stays compliant and that you pay the correct amount of tax.


Net Accountancy’s comprehensive self-assessment service includes:
• Calculating how much tax you owe and explaining how it is calculated
• Submitting your return to HMRC on time and confirming they’ve received it
• Reminding you when you need to pay your tax bill
• Dealing with all HMRC correspondence on your behalf, including claiming tax refunds
• Arranging specialist tax advice and services if required.


Managing payroll can be a minefield for the business owner or administrator. So if you don’t have a dedicated Payroll Manager, we strongly recommend you outsource this function to the skilled and knowledgeable team here at Net Accountancy.


We’ll take care of all the paperwork, make sure your payroll returns are accurate and submitted on time and – most importantly – see that your staff are paid correctly and promptly. You’ll not only save time, but you’ll probably save money too as we’ll take away the responsibilities and costs of software updates, stationery purchasing and payroll training.


Our payroll service includes:
• Calculating net pay, PAYE, NI, statutory payments, overtime, tax credits and pension contributions
• Producing secure, printed payslips
• Arranging BACS payments
• Processing all HMRC forms, e.g. P45, P46, P60, P14 and P11d
• Provide monthly reports showing gross pay and deductions
• Generating payroll year end returns for employees and HMRC
• Advising on tax-efficient remuneration planning
• Secure storage of sensitive information.


By passing the administrative burden of the company secretary role to Net Accountancy, you can be sure that all the necessary duties will be performed correctly, keeping your business compliant and operating within the law.


Our company secretarial services include:
• Helping you form or dissolve a limited company
• Giving advice on directors’ responsibilities
• Advising you on the correct legal procedures for changing company officers, shareholdings etc
• Maintaining your statutory books
• Attending board meetings and AGMs to advise you on the accounting and tax implications of proposed business changes
• Acting as your company's Registered Office.
• Prepare annual returns and all other company secretarial duties


Whether you’re a business start-up or have been trading for a while, we believe it’s essential for you to have a realistic and workable business plan in place.


A business plan is a written document that describes your business, its aims and strategies and provides financial forecasts. There are many situations in which you need a valid business plan, such as applying for a grant or business loan. Even if these don’t apply to you, it’s still an excellent way to track your success and progress against the targets you’ve set yourself.


Drafting a business plan for the first time can be daunting, especially if you’re a new business – so why not let Net Accountancy help? We’ll work alongside you to analyse your business and its position in the market place, discuss your objectives and set realistic performance targets, before helping you draft a coherent and well-structured business plan.


What’s more, we can also advise you on how and where to send your business plan to secure the right funding for your company, as well as providing ongoing support to keep the plan up to date.